HR Interim


The fundament of my work



professional experience in HR management


leadership experience and functional responsibility


each industrial experience in FMCG and Media

HR projects

managed successfully

Project Experience

1Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Due Diligence, responsible for HR section
  • Merger of two sales organisations, involving a change management process and subsequent training programmes
2Management of Ideas
  • Relaunch of Idea Management
  • Created and implemented an employee-suggestion system on a Wiki basis
3HR & Leadership Development
  • Development & introduction of Company Guiding Principles
  • Development & implementation of leadership concept & training
  • Designing of a Performance Appraisal System
  • Designed and implemented development and training programmes at senior and junior management levels, e.g. Leadership Training, Project Management, communication and creativity workshops
  • Established a diversity task-force, specific emphasis on working mothers, resulting in an increase of women in the target section from 20% to 30%
  • Developed and successfully introduced a global Management Appraisal System
  • Designed and implemented a company-wide Management Potential Analysis for managerial staff (as a basis for a Management Development Programme)
  • Organised and managed the Succession-Planning process for the German section
  • Developed and implemented a team-building concept for Senior Management
4Work Council/ Collective Bargaining/ Employer's Association
  • Negotiated and implemented a in-house salary-tariff
  • Initiated and conducted a salary benchmarking within industry
  • Designed a tariff system for the non-managerial staff
  • Introducing a concept to optimise net salaries
  • Developed and implemented a sales bonus system
  • Developed and implemented a Senior Management bonus-system
  • Restructuring of internal HR processes
  • Design & implementation of restructuring program
  • Organisational analysis to improve working efficiency and cost structure and implementation
  • Planned and managed the split of a company into divisions within the limits of German labour law
  • Managed downsizing projects in various sections including the negotiation of social-compensation plans
  • Designed and introduced a cost-cutting programme, reduced the variable costs by 10%
  • Redesign of hand over processes/ interface to Shared Services Center
  • Heading and Contributing to conceptualise and implement a virtualisation of a Head Office
  • Merger of two sales organisations, involving the design, introduction and facilitation of a change management process and the subsequent training programme
  • Reorganised the retail sales force with the 10% HC reduction and change management and organised the Change Management process of the newly established unit
  • Managed the merger and post-merger of two companies for ‘Central Functions’
6HR Management
  • Introduction of measures for reduction of sickness rate (-20%)
  • Introduction of measures for reduction of downtime due to staff shortage (-70%)
  • Designed and implemented a SAP-based HR planning, controlling and reporting tool
  • Designed and successfully implemented an electronic personal-file system
  • Redesigned and implemented HR reporting system and process
  • Contributing to and facilitating the development of a new business model
  • Due Diligence, responsible for HR section
  • Negotiating shop agreements with work’s council

Way of Working

As an Interim Manager you need sound functional knowledge, a sense for people and the skill to find yourself into new situations. This characterises my work:

  • Knowledge of and sense for company rules
  • Analytic-methodical approach
  • Team-oriented
  • Strong negotiator
  • Focus on solution and implementation



Experienced in all operative and strategic HR- and organisational topics, comprising

  • Five industries (FMCG, Media, Car Rental, Production, Finance)
  • Medium-sized privately owned companies
  • International companies

List of projects

Recent clients


When do I join in?



Is there a need for management resources? Do you want to fill a HR management vacancy efficient and effectively for a limited period of time? Typical examples or situations may be:

  • Build up a working HR organisation
  • Bridging temporary vacancies, e.g. until permanent replacement or for maternity leave, sickness and sabbatical
  • Additional need for resources in case of restructuring or redesign of processes
  • Managing recruiting processes
  • Restructuring


Mergers & Acquisitions, restructuring and growth can be huge challenges and require adequate know how. As interim manager I can provide to your team sound professional knowledge and experience. Typical examples or situations may be:

  • Support in change processes & restructuring
  • Optimising HR processes and procedures
  • Head count reduction and negotiation of social plans
  • Balance of interest with works council and unions
  • Rebuilding HR management and implementing complex projects

Areas of Competence

Core Areas

  • Process analysis and definition of interfaces
  • Reorganisation und restructuring
  • Reorganisation of HR processes
  • Employee suggestion schemes, Management of ideas
  • External and internal audits ISO 9001/ 50001, BRC/IOP, FSC
  • EHS Management
  • M & A, Post-merger management

Core Areas

  • Shop Agreements
  • House tariff agreements
  • Collective bargaining
  • Social plans
  • Transfer of Undertaking (§613a BGB)
  • Work-contract management

Core Areas

  • "day to day routine..."
  • Recruiting, internal transfers, exits
  • Contract management
  • Salary management
  • Conflict management
  • Management of absenteeism
  • Personnel and manpower planning
  • Electronic files

Core Areas

  • Employer Branding
  • Internal & external Recruiting
  • International recruiting

Core Areas

  • Training: Leadership, communication, challenging situations, recruitment interviews
  • Workshops: Change processes, team building, creativity & problem solving, Assessment Center, analysis of management potential
  • Coaching & Mentoring: Senior Management, career development, situation of conflicts, changes of (organisational) context

EM Interim Management: Your benefit

  • 1Availability

  • 2 Support as of day 1

  • 3Sound functional competence and cooperation

  • 4 External and independent view

  • 5 No increase of Head count

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